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Our JSPC experts take care of your school ICT security needs so you don’t have to worry about it.

Data Backup

The backup of school data is an essential process and one which we will handle for you on a daily basis. By taking over the responsibility we will also ensure that your school meets the requirements for the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS), whilst conforming to the Data Protection Act.

JSPC are a certified Redstor provider with extensive experience supporting schools across the South East including Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire with all their ICT requirements. Click here to find out more.

The Capita accredited off-site backup service for schools is fully automated and stores two copies of your school data in geographically separate locations based within the UK, whilst being safe and encrypted at all times.

E Safety

Technology and Internet access open up a remarkable digital world for students. But as with many technologies, children need to be educated about and protected from the potential threats.

At JSPC we offer various safeguarding tools including content filtering systems that give you complete control over what can be viewed over the Internet and more importantly what you don’t want your pupils viewing. It also allows a degree of flexibility so staff and students can gain different access.

We also use a content monitoring system that detects inappropriate content as soon as it appears on screen so teachers know what is happening on the network and can take appropriate action.

Safety Net

JSPC work with Safety Net to deliver online safety sessions for parents, professionals and young people. We can help you keep children safe online by running set parent, teacher or key stage 2 pupil sessions. Bespoke sessions for your school can also be arranged involving assemblies, classes or workshops as required.

For parents

Helping to bring families together to explore the Internet and the advantages and disadvantages of an online presence, this session also covers on screen time, useful parenting tips for when technology starts to get in the way and how a parent’s attitude to technology can influence their children.

For teachers

The e-safety professional session fulfills the Ofsted requirements on cyber bullying and also gives guidance on managing your online reputation and maintaining professional standards.

For children (from Key Stage 1 to 16+)

Suitable for a wide range of age groups, this session can be tailored for assemblies, classrooms or small group workshops. It includes scenarios, CEOP videos, online trends in games, apps and websites, and what to do if something goes wrong online

Anti Virus

With new virus threats emerging every day, it is crucial for schools to have quality and reliable anti virus software that is running effectively. One of the most common reasons for failures or problems in computers is the lack of anti virus software, or expired antivirus software. It is an issue that is often overlooked and can have expensive consequences for schools.

At JSPC, we ensure your school IT system has the anti virus software necessary to keep it safe and secure, and we maintain it to make sure it stays effective.