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Monthly Archives: September 2013

JSPC sponsors the Johnston Press South Business Awards 2013

We are delighted to be the headline sponsor for the second year running, of the Johnston Press South Business Awards, taking place this Friday 27th September at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. Formerly the Southern Business Awards, the event is now in its fourth year and will once again showcase the best in business across the south, bringing together winners from previous awards held by the individual Johnston Press titles.

Managing Director of JSPC, James comments: “We are sponsoring the Johnston Press South Business Awards to highlight our support for business growth and development across the south. The most successful businesses in this area will be showcasing their work so it provides us all with an opportunity to learn from the very best.”

We are also sponsoring the Lifetime Achievement Award, which will go to an inspirational person who has achieved great things in business. Other categories include Employer of the Year and the Going Green award.

We are looking forward to attending Friday evening’s awards ceremony, which promises to be an inspiring and fun event, celebrating the very best about business in the south.


Mobile Navigation

If you do a lot of driving you could benefit from installing a navigation app on your mobile phone. Here, we look at a free app and a reasonably priced option. They will both get you to your destination and they are cheaper than dedicated satnav devices.

Google Maps is a free mobile app that comes with a navigation feature for Android and iPhones. With clear instructions, it shows you where you are and guides you to your destination. It includes voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, whether driving, walking or taking public transport.

The app highlights the estimated time to your destination based on live traffic information. You can opt to avoid motorways and toll roads, see alternative routes, check traffic conditions on most major roads and get a full list of directions.

Although it comes with a price tag, CoPilot Live boasts some useful features and is available for Android, iPhones and Windows Mobile. It provides voice-guided navigation and downloadable maps for use without a mobile connection. Alter your route by tapping and dragging on the map, or adding in additional waypoints.

This app enables you to find local points of interest, get speed limit warnings and see when speed cameras are coming up. A great add-on is a traffic service that’s free for the first twelve months. Using live traffic flow information it calculates the fastest route to your destination. It monitors delays and will alert you if there is a quicker route available.

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Movies On Your iPad

If you are a film fan you will be pleased to know that it is easy to stream movies on your iPad. With a long battery life and great retina display, the iPad is the perfect tool for watching your favourite flick on the go. As iPad storage is limited you may struggle to store films so it is worth trying out some of the great movie apps available to you.

Stream movies and TV shows for free with Crackle, Sony’s video network. Enjoy access to a variety of film genres, with new titles added every month. You can create your own watchlist to catch up on shows and films at your convenience. The app is ad-supported so you will see some pop-ups. Visit www.crackle.com

For a small monthly subscription fee you could sign up to Netflix, one of the most popular film streaming services. With a Netflix membership you will be able to view unlimited TV programmes and films on your iPad. Members can download the free Netflix app from the iTunes store. This app has a ‘Just For Kids’ mode, which limits searching in the app to child friendly cartoons and titles. Check out www.netflix.com/uk

A great alternative is LOVEFiLM, a leading European film subscription service with a large library of movies and TV episodes. Members can download the LOVEFiLM Player iPad app and stream films instantly. Find out more at www.lovefilm.com

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Mobile Fitness Apps

There are a range of mobile fitness apps available to suit all ages and abilities. We have taken a look at a couple of the most popular free apps, designed to work on both iOS and Android phones.

If you like the idea of having your own personal trainer to keep you motivated Runkeeper could be the app for you. Join over 20 million people who are already using this app to track their runs, walks, bike rides, hikes and other activities. You can set up coaching through your headphones using various audio cue settings.

Launching a new activity is easy with Runkeeper and you can pause or stop at any point. Runkeeper taps into your GPS to track your route and provides access to Google Maps so that you can easily navigate your way around. It will also let you view a variety of stats including pace, time and calories burned. Visit http://runkeeper.com/ to find out more.

Endomondo is another great fitness app which has a huge online community and is great if you like to compete with friends. You can easily track your workouts and review your training. Endomondo can be used for running, cycling, walking and all other distance-based outdoor sports.

Using GPS, the app tracks route, distance, duration and more while providing audio feedback on performance. Endomondo incorporates the social community so users can challenge friends and share results. For more details visit http://www.endomondo.com

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More Control

This week we look at some more useful control key combinations. They may take a little practice to get used to but they are handy once you know how.

If you are typing out an email or letter and decide to delete some text or an image, try using the CTRL and X key combination. Highlight the content that you would like to delete and press the CTRL key and hold it down, then press the letter X, and let both go. This shortcut is really useful when you need to delete large amounts of text.

If you accidentally delete text or an image don’t worry as there is a great shortcut that will enable you to undo your mistake. The CTRL and Z keys will bring back the deleted content as it originally appeared.  Please be aware that this combination will only undo your last action.

Another shortcut that will help when you are editing text is the CTRL and right arrow key combination. By pressing the CTRL button down and pressing the right arrow key, you will be able to move the cursor to the beginning of the next word. You can also move the cursor backwards, to the start of each word, by using CTRL and the left arrow key.

The CTRL and down arrow combination will let you move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph. Move back up to the beginning of the previous paragraph by pressing CTRL and the up arrow.

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