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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Avoid Nasty Shocks When Christmas Shopping Online

Online shopping has boomed in recent years, with many preferring the ease and comfort of ordering online and awaiting delivery while staying cosy at home. The run up to Christmas forms the busiest time of the year for e-commerce, so this week we tell you our top tips for Christmas shopping online.

Firstly, try to use a credit card to make purchases rather than a debit card. The credit card company is “jointly and severally” liable with the retailer if something goes wrong, so you are covered for anything costing between £100 and £30,000. If the company you are buying from goes bust or doesn’t deliver, you can get your money back.

If possible, it is also good to use credit cards that offer an extended warranty, as some will protect your items against theft or damage.

Check out the company you are buying from, making sure they have a geographical address and a landline telephone number, and note these down. Make sure the website is secure, with the URL starting with ‘https’ as apposed to ‘http’. You also need to check the terms and conditions relating to payment, delivery and cancellation rights to avoid any nasty surprises.

Make sure you have up to date virus protection on your computer, and that you are using the latest version of your operating system and web browser. This will all help protect you from online hacker attacks.

How to make your own book online

As we near Christmas, you may be thinking about what special present you can get for a loved one this year. We think we’ve found just that – a book you create yourself on your computer. You can fill it with whatever you like, such as photos, messages and memories.

You can make one with Apple’s iPhoto 11, which you can download from the Mac App Store if it isn’t already installed on your Apple Mac. Windows users can use Blurb, which has a handy cross-platform online book making tool.

With iPhoto, select the photos you would like to use and select Events> Create Event. Have this event selected as you click File > New Book, as this will put those photos in your book. Next follow the steps to select your books style, cover and size, and click ‘Create’ to get going. You can change the books theme, background colour and page layouts and enter in your own captions and text. It is also easy to drag and drop the photos to get them in the order you want. When you’re happy with it you can order the print, prices range from £2.49 for a small paperback to £34.99 for an extra large hardback.

Blurb, which you can use with Windows or Apple devises, comes with less publishing limits and a handy free creation tool called BookWright. Blurb also gives you the option to sell your book on Amazon or make it available to a global retail network.

Thrilled to Supply Worthing Hospital With A2 Boards

Over the past few months we have been working increasingly closely with Love Your Hospital. This is a fantastic charity that organises the fundraising for three of our local hospitals: Worthing Hospital, St Richard’s Hospital and Southlands Hospital. The money they raise and the support they generate from businesses allow them to purchase the best equipment and facilities for these hospitals.

As part of our commitment to this wonderful charity, we have recently supplied Worthing Hospital with A2 notice boards for all the Wards. These contain Wish Lists of facilities and equipment to help the wards get much needed support.

James explains, “We feel very passionate about supporting Love Your Hospital and all the fantastic work they do. The hospital is an integral part of our community that we have all benefited from at some point in our lives. It is so important that we do everything we can to support staff and help provide the facilities and equipment needed that is not funded by the NHS to make a stay in hospital more comfortable for the patients and their family.”

Lovely Evening at Adur & Worthing Business Awards

Last Friday we had a fantastic evening at the Adur & Worthing Business Awards, which gave us a chance to show our support for the fantastic business talent we have in this area.

We attended the event with our Love Your Hospital representative Nicola, who managed to raise a whopping £1001.20 for the charity through selling raffle tickets! It was fantastic to have Nicola there to raise awareness for Love Your Hospital, a charity that we feel strongly about.

We were thrilled to be the headline sponsor and were delighted to sponsor the Lifetime Achievement Award, which goes to an inspirational person who has achieved great things in business. We would like to say congratulations to the Andrew Swayne (Ricardo UK Ltd) for winning the Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as everyone else who took part in the event.

We always think the awards are a great way to recognise the work being delivered by local businesses. We had a great time celebrating with the finalists and we are already looking forward to next year’s ceremony!


JSPC Helps Get Fittleworth Village School on the Road in New Minibus!

We are delighted to tell you that we, along with other local businesses, have sponsored Fittleworth CE Village School’s minibus.

Fittleworth bus

The school had wanted a minibus for quite some time but financial constraints stood in the way. With the help of The School Minibus Company, our sponsorship and that of The Harwoods Group, Aspire Coaching, Eaton Landscapes, Sofas & Stuff and Class Cover, we managed to overcome this.

Together we helped fund a 5 year lease agreement for the school that covers everything except fuel, insurance and a driver. The 17-seat Ford Transit has been very active transporting the children to all sorts of events so they are delighted. All the sponsors got their logos put on the van, so keep an eye out for us on the road!

How to keep your Apple devices happy

This week we explain some simple tricks that will speed your Apple devices up and reduce the amount of battery they use. The tricks will work for iPhones, iPads and any Apple devices that run apps.

The important bit is to close down all the apps running in the background. The apps don’t close themselves down, even when you turn your device off, and they use your phones brains and battery in the background.

Double click the ‘Home’ button, the circular one on the front of your device. With devices running iOS 7 and 8 a small screenshot-like display of all the apps you have running will appear. Swipe sideways to scroll through them, and swipe up to close them. This will cause them to ‘fly’ off the screen and close.

With iOS 7 or earlier versions, double clicking the ‘Home’ button will cause a new row of icons to appear at the bottom of your screen. Press and hold an icon until they start wiggling and a red and white close icon appears on them. Tap the red cross to close the apps.

Apple devices can open apps again easily, so it’s best to close them all while you’re at it. These devices also appreciate being turned off now and again, so try to turn your phones and tablets off while you’re not using them.

Spooky Gaming Apps

With all the fun of Halloween and trick-or-treating just behind us, this week we’re telling you about the spooky apps you can get on your phone.

First is ‘Haunted Halloween Escape’, a free iOS game from TeraLumina. Players have to escape from the room of horrors, full of bats, spiders, ghosts and other ghoulish things, using items in the room and their puzzle solving abilities to find their way out. Turn the volume up for a real scare!

Next try Pumpkin Creation, another free iOS app that helps you create your own pumpkin. With loads of different types of pumpkin, eyes, noses, mouths and ornaments and sound effects to choose from, this game will keep your little ones entertained for hours. Android users can try Pumpkin Carver by Simplify Now, LLC, which is very similar.

Budding nutty professors should give Magic Alchemist Halloween a try. The app is free and available on iOS and Android devices. Complete with spooky visual effects and scary music, players merge Halloween objects until they discover the final and most mysterious one.

When letting children play games apps on your device, make sure the ‘in app purchases’ settings are locked down, or you may end up with a hefty bill.