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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Combat bad signal

Whether at home, a friend’s house or at work, bad mobile network coverage is a nightmare for many of us. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help improve this.

Those of you in a position to change your network should go to www.ukmobilecoverage.co.uk to look into whether other providers offer better coverage in your area.

If you find one that does call them up directly to ensure they definitely do cover this area and discuss changing over. Calling them to verify the coverage puts you in a better position to get your money back if it turns out signal is no better than your previous provider.

If you can’t change your network, or other networks are just as bad, you may want to consider changing your handset. Blackberrys are among the best for reception while iPhones generally have a much weaker signal. Although there are many mobile phone signal boosters advertised online, most of them are actually illegal. The main carriers do however offer their own boosters for around £100.

If your reception has suddenly got worse rather than having always been bad, you may be able to get the booster for a lower cost or even for free. If you have a question for JSPC, email it to questions@jspc.co.uk

If you require further advice, technical support, or a computer repair please call JSPC Computer Services on 01903 767122 or visit the shop at 2 Seadown Parade, Bowness Avenue, Sompting.

How to share photography and videos on Facebook

Those of you with a Facebook account will know how often we see interesting content appearing in the News Feed. These have come from friends, businesses you have ‘liked’ and selected advertisers, who are always posting articles, videos, pictures and news that they think their friends and followers will be interested in.

When this content comes up we often want to share it with friends and family that use Facebook who may not have seen it, so this week we are explaining how you can do this.

First select ‘share’ at the bottom of the content. In the window that appears you can choose to share the content ‘on your own timeline’ so your friends should see it if they log in at the right time. Select ‘on a friend’s timeline’ to publicly share it with a selected friend, or choose ‘in a private message’ to share it privately. You can also choose to share it in a Facebook group you are a part of or on a page you manage.

Facebook will then let you enter the name of the friend, group, or page you want to share it with, and encourage you to ‘Say something about this’ which will go with your post. To notify multiple friends of the post you can ‘tag’ them in this box by typing @ before their name and selecting them from the list that appears.

Finding the best prices using the Internet

Using the Internet to search out the best deals on your household necessities is a great way to reduce your spending.

There are comparison websites for energy deals, mobile phone contracts, TV and internet services and car insurance, and paying them a visit can save you hundreds of pounds.

For gas and electricity comparisons you can head to www.moneysupermarket.com, www.uswitch.com or www.comparethemarket.com. Once here you simply select ‘compare’ and fill in the form, telling them where you live, your current energy supplier, tariff, and what your monthly bills come to for both your gas and electricity. They will search the market to find you the best prices and deals, and provide you with a link to click to start the process of switching your supplier. In most instances, a representative of your new provider will call you up to talk you through the process.

Before committing to a new supplier, it is worth visiting www.switch.which.co.uk to see how customers have rated them.

You can also use Moneysupermarket and Comparethemarket to compare prices for vehicle, health, house, pet, business and travel insurance, as well as finance products such as credit card deals and TV and Internet packages.

Different ways to display photos

These days the vast majority of us use digital cameras to record the special moments in our lives. One slightly annoying side effect of this is that most of our photos end up stuck on our computers and other devices, hardly to be looked at again. So this week we’ve got some ideas on how you can use online tools to create art with your prized pictures to display around your home.

First you can try www.photobox.com where you can order prints of your pictures on all sorts of products. Either select one picture to print, or use their handy tools to create a collage of your favourite snaps.

From high quality photographic paper to giant canvases, pretty posters to framed prints, they offer a printed product that will look fabulous on your wall. They also have a range of products that make perfect presents, and will print your pictures on everything from calendars to coasters to cushions to key rings, even on mugs and iPhone cases!

Another website to try is www.snapfish.co.uk. They offer many of the same products as photobox, as well as prints on acrylic and wooden panels for a really stylish finish.