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Monthly Archives: August 2015

The best family apps

Modern family life can be a bit chaotic, luckily there’s an app for that! Whether you are looking for a bit of help with organisation, or a high-tech way to save you precious moments, there are plenty of family-friendly apps available on the market to help you with day-to-day life. Here’s just a few of them:

Cozi – Family Organiser

Cozi is the must-have app for the modern family, and a great way to keep organised, allowing you to manage your family calendar and set reminders, create to-do lists and shopping lists, as well as jotting down memories in the family journal.


Created by a doctor, iHomeopathy helps you to find the information you need quickly and efficiently when facing a first-aid emergency.

All Recipes UK

We all know that dinner time can be a bit of a drama, especially with young children. All Recipes UK helps you to find quick and easy meal ideas that the whole family can enjoy!


Keepy is the easy-to-use app that allows you preserve your child’s photos, artwork, schoolwork, mementos and more in one safe place. The perfect way to save memories and to update loved ones on what’s going on in your children’s lives.


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How to use Find My iPhone

Losing your phone can be a complete disaster, especially if your device holds private information and data.

Find My iPhone is a security application compatible with all Apple devices using iOS 5 or later.

This app not only allows you to locate your device if misplaced or stolen, it also gives you the option to erase any sensitive information by using your Apple ID if using a device with iOS 7 or later.

Activating Find my iPhone

If not already installed, search the App store for Find My iPhone.

Enter the main settings section of your iPhone > iCloud > Find My iPhone > toggle the on-off switch to activate (you may need to enter your Apple ID during this process)

Locating your iOS Device

If you are unfortunate enough to lose your phone, you can locate it using another Apple Device. To do this, tap the Find My iPhone icon on the home screen and enter you iCloud details, you can then select your lost device from the list set up with the Find My iPhone app.

If you are using the Internet to locate your phone, simply navigate to the iCloud homepage and sign in with your Apple ID. Here you can access the Find My iPhone icon and view your devices.

What next?

Once you have located your lost device you can select one of the Find My iPhone functions, including turning your phone on to Lost Mode and entering a contact number you can be reached at, Play Sound which will repeat a high-pitched note continuously for two-minutes, or completely wipe your device of all user and content settings by selecting Erase iPhone.

Always take care if deciding to visit the location of your lost device.

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Great summer gadgets

Whether you are the host with the most at a summer party, or enjoy losing yourself in the pages of a good book, there are plenty of great gadgets available on the technology market to complement your lifestyle and create your perfect summer experience.

If you are often found at the centre of a garden or pool party, then you will love the variety of Bluetooth speakers currently available to purchase. With great sound quality and water-resistant features, the Lava Brightsounds speakers are one example of a great outdoor system.

You could also benefit from the Lifeproof Fre Water-Resistant iPhone 6 case, allowing you to take outdoor selfies on the beach or by the pool without the worry of water damage.

If you prefer a little more peace and quiet, the Kindle Paperwhite is the latest edition to the Amazon e-book franchise, and the perfect companion for your summer break. Enjoy a range of new features, including the brand-new, easy to read font ‘Bookerly,’ and its high resolution screen for the best possible portable reading experience.

There are so many fantastic gadgets to choose from this summer; with a variety of designs, features and prces suitable for every occasion.

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Education apps for the summer

Educational apps are the perfect way to keep your children engaged throughout the summer break without having them feel like they’re back at school – it is the perfect opportunity to learn whilst having fun, and a great source of entertainment for those unexpected rainy days – it’s a nice bit of peace and quiet for Mum’s and Dad’s too.
Whether you’ve got tots or teens, here are some examples of educational apps on the market:

SQUEEBLES KEYSTAGE FUN – Available in iTunes and Android store
‘Squeebles’ offers a variety of fantastic downloadable activities for your child, created with the perfect balance of education and fun. Whether your child wants to practice their maths skills, or get ahead with their spelling, there’s plenty to do and lots of fun!

BUGS AND BUTTONS – Available in iTunes store
Join the world of Bugs and Buttons whilst exploring 18 mini games and activities, including colourful button counting and creepy bug mazes. Perfectly designed to entertain and challenge your child, this is a wonderfully creative app.

KHAN ACADEMY – Available on iTunes and Windows store
Aimed at older children, Khan Academy allows you to learn almost anything all for free through videos, interactive exercises and in depth articles.

DINO WALK – Available on iTunes store
You’re never too old to learn about dinosaurs, and this app is a great, fun way of doing so. Venture back in time to the Jurassic period and spin the globe to see the Continents and what lived there. Packed with fun facts and impressive visuals, this app is great for any age.

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