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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Five reasons why iPads and tablet computers are an asset in the classroom

There are a lot of considerations for schools looking to make use of tablet computers in the classroom. It requires the proper training of teaching staff to make the most of the resource and a high-speed, secure wireless network to support any activity. Is it worth the effort? We look at some of the key reasons why tablet computers can assist learning for a number of different age groups.

1. Breadth of information – there are over 65,000 education apps covering just about every possible subject for every age group. These apps can also accommodate different learning styles and provide a range of content from videos and slides to quizzes that can be used to check understanding and informally measure progress.

2. Appeal – iPads and tablet computers are popular and familiar to students. Many students claim they can study more efficiently with a tablet and whether or not that can be proved, the interest and familiarity with the technology will increase motivation and interest in the classroom when compared with traditional slides and printed handouts

3. Saving time – speaking of those handouts, all resources can be sent directly to pupils’ devices, meaning there’s no need for teachers to spend time photocopying information, worksheets or quizzes. There’s also the added bonus that it saves school resources and less paper is good for the environment, too.

4. Reducing costs – most textbooks are available on tablets, and not only are they cheaper per item than printed books, but they’re not subject to wear and tear, damage or losses which means that the cost of replacements will be drastically reduced too. The latest versions also include interactive elements, 3D graphics and videos to support learning.

5. Personalised lesson plans – the iPad allows teachers to tailor the information and tasks sent to each child in relation to a lesson depending on their needs. This can be particularly valuable in creating an inclusive environment for pupils with special needs or disabilities as it means they can remain with the class and work at their own pace on their own related tasks.

If you’re interested in supplying iPads or other tablets to pupils in your school, we can help not only with great value technology but also develop a mobile computing strategy to meet your school’s needs and your budget.

A guide to our broadband services

Efficient, reliable and fast broadband is becoming increasingly important in education. Schools are relying more heavily on the educational benefits and variety that the Internet provides. From interactive whiteboards to iPads and computers, fast and secure broadband is now a vital part of a school’s day to day life.

If you are thinking of changing broadband provider or updating your current system, things to consider include the type of connection you need, such as VDSL Broadband, FTTC or ADSL. VDSL is a very fast broadband which efficiently uses phone lines to provide reliable and speedy connectivity. FTTC stands for Fibre to the Cabinet, it is a cost-effective way that next generation fibre optic broadband is being supplied to schools, homes and businesses using existing broadband infrastructure. ADSL stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line; this kind of connection enables faster data transmission via a split copper phone line.

While speed and reliability is very important to schools, so is data protection, security and safeguarding. It is essential to ensure you have the right systems in place to protect students and staff, these include web filtering, firewall systems and monitoring systems.

At JSPC we have a range of Internet and broadband options for schools, which means we can carefully tailor each package to suit your school’s specific needs to ensure you not only benefit from the best and most cost-effective broadband but also meet your legal safeguarding responsibilities and duty of care to students.

Exa Education are the UK’s leading Internet service provider for educational institutes. We work closely with Exa to provide the fastest, most cost effective broadband service for each of our schools. We combine our Exa connections with a strong team of in house expert technicians who are always on hand to provide fast, dependable and safe Internet connectivity.

To find out how JSPC can benefit your school give us a call on 01903 767122.