As part of our work supporting academies and schools, we’ve undertaken some large-scale implementation projects. From classroom extensions to whole new classrooms, Learning Resource Centres and even newly built schools, any new IT resource requires careful planning and management to ensure that the installation runs smoothly. That’s why JSPC uses the PRINCE2 project management method and why we use PRINCE2 qualified consultants to head up any new implementation.

What is PRINCE2 and what does it mean for the school?

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured project management method, which is widely recognised in both the public and private sector. PRINCE2 is methodical and process based, which is why JSPC has adopted it. We take all projects a step at a time and make sure that all objectives are met at every stage of the process. This can stop any problems cropping up further down the line, and save a lot of time once the solution goes live.

Does that mean our new IT will take longer to deliver?

In most cases, PRINCE2 doesn’t add any time to the length of a project. The guiding principal for any new installation is “more haste, less speed” and so having a clear system to check every stage of the project can often lead to a much smoother installation. There’s no point in taking short cuts to get a new system up and running if it breaks down the following week. We work on the basis of being both efficient and effective in all our IT projects.

What do you offer project management for?

Our expertise is with technology – from school computers to broadband installations and switching. If you’re planning any significant investment in technology resources, it’s worth ensuring that it’s managed correctly. This will ensure that the project stays on time and the budget doesn’t spiral out of control. Most of all, when it’s finished everything should work as its meant to. We’ve worked in schools and academies both as a sole provider and managing projects that require a range of different providers coming together to deliver what’s best for the organisation. In either instance, whether as a provider or as a consultant, we recommend an experienced project manager at the helm to keep a project under control. This will help you make the most of your resources and save you a lot of stress in the long run.