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Modern makeover for the JSPC Showroom

Showroom 1We were delighted to unveil the all new JSPC Showroom last month. We’re in our same location in Sompting, but we’ve completely modernised the space to reflect the cutting-edge technology available from JSPC.

Whilst we can all benefit from researching online, there really is no replacement for getting a hands-on test of any technology you might want to buy. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to help you consider your options from our new and refurbished PCs and laptops.

If you have a custom-built computer in mind, you’re also welcome to pop in and visit. You can see what is available and talk to a member of the team who will be able to understand any specifications or requirements and translate that into a PC that is designed to suit your needs.

Showroom 3

We’re delighted at the new look of the showroom but underneath the fresh coat of paint, it’s still the same dedicated, expert service and high-quality technology products, services and support that you have come to expect from JSPC.

Project Management Services for Schools

As part of our work supporting academies and schools, we’ve undertaken some large-scale implementation projects. From classroom extensions to whole new classrooms, Learning Resource Centres and even newly built schools, any new IT resource requires careful planning and management to ensure that the installation runs smoothly. That’s why JSPC uses the PRINCE2 project management method and why we use PRINCE2 qualified consultants to head up any new implementation.

What is PRINCE2 and what does it mean for the school?

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured project management method, which is widely recognised in both the public and private sector. PRINCE2 is methodical and process based, which is why JSPC has adopted it. We take all projects a step at a time and make sure that all objectives are met at every stage of the process. This can stop any problems cropping up further down the line, and save a lot of time once the solution goes live.

Does that mean our new IT will take longer to deliver?

In most cases, PRINCE2 doesn’t add any time to the length of a project. The guiding principal for any new installation is “more haste, less speed” and so having a clear system to check every stage of the project can often lead to a much smoother installation. There’s no point in taking short cuts to get a new system up and running if it breaks down the following week. We work on the basis of being both efficient and effective in all our IT projects.

What do you offer project management for?

Our expertise is with technology – from school computers to broadband installations and switching. If you’re planning any significant investment in technology resources, it’s worth ensuring that it’s managed correctly. This will ensure that the project stays on time and the budget doesn’t spiral out of control. Most of all, when it’s finished everything should work as its meant to. We’ve worked in schools and academies both as a sole provider and managing projects that require a range of different providers coming together to deliver what’s best for the organisation. In either instance, whether as a provider or as a consultant, we recommend an experienced project manager at the helm to keep a project under control. This will help you make the most of your resources and save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Beware new cybercrime scam targeting schools

Cybercrime targeting schools is on the rise and with the New Year is a new scam making the rounds. Knowledge is power when it comes to these kind of attacks, so we wanted to make sure that our schools are in the know about this latest attempt by fraudsters.

The most recent approach is for someone to ring the targeted school from the Department of Education (not the genuine Department for Education) requesting email contact details for the school’s Headmaster or Finance Administrator. They state the reason for requiring the direct email address and not just the school’s generic email is because they are sending across guidance forms containing sensitive information.

Once they receive the email address they will send an email containing a .zip file which could also be disguised as a Word or Excel file. The attachment will contain ransomware which once downloaded will encrypt files and then the fraudsters will demand up to £8,000 to recover them.

Contact us on 01903 767122 if you have any concerns.

Computer says no: tips for beginners

No one starts their life a computer expert, learning about technology is something that takes practice and time, but there are some things to be aware of which can save you a lot of hassle as a beginner.

Backing up

Technology makes lives easier and tasks quicker, but every now and then it can go wrong. Not backing up your important data is a common mistake that leaves rookie computer users in hot water. There are so many easy ways to back up your information these days there is really no excuse to leave it vulnerable.

Stop and read

With the ease of getting the job done faster, also comes the temptation to speed things up further, it is unlikely you would sign a document without understanding what you are agreeing to first, but frequently users click through terms and conditions accepting any request they see. At the very least, this can result in programs downloading onto your device without your knowledge.

Always hit save

Pretty much anyone you speak to who works with computers will be able to recall an incident where hours of work went to waste due to failure to click the save button. It is easy to do, you get so enthralled in the job at hand your neglect that simple step. Then your computer crashes or restarts and your document is no more. The lesson learned here is to click Save regularly, even if you are not yet finished.

Email attachments

One key cause of computer viruses and malware comes from opening email attachments. Even if the email is from a source you know and trust, be vigilant and open any attachments with caution. One of the key ways fraudsters like to tap into your computer security is by pretending to be someone you know, so if something looks suspicious, don’t open it.

Power surge

Devices which are plugged into a wall outlet are vulnerable to power surges. A way of protecting against this is by using a surge protector, this makes sure nothing is damaged if a surge travels through your power lines. If you use a desktop computer, it is recommended to use a UPS on your computer. This can be more expensive, but will protect your computer from a surge and will also temporarily stop it turning off should the power go off for a moment.

Keep up to date with scams

Finally, keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest scams and phishing tactics will help keep you savvy whilst navigating the online world. If you are in the know about viruses you are much more likely to use your computer in a way which runs the lowest risk of infection and if you are unlucky, recognising the signs of a virus will mean you can spot the problem promptly and take steps to remedy.

The benefit of using ICT in schools

The role of ICT in schools is an undeniably important one. In addition to the advantages it offers for general learning, all jobs now require a level of IT proficiency and that requirement is rapidly growing.

Today’s generation of school attendees have grown up alongside technology. To them navigating a computer or technical device has become second nature. Bringing technology into the classroom can help to bring another level to learning, placing children and young people in their element and often helping to make the task more engaging.

ICT can be an enormous advantage in aiding learning for both teacher and pupil. Integrating technology into lessons helps to give young people a wider range of skills to use in later life and can help to keep teaching methods fresh.

Technology comes in all manner of forms. From video to podcasts, the interactive to the investigatory, these fantastic tools can help teachers provide different styles of learning easily and effectively, giving each student the best possible chance of full comprehension. With pupils tweaking the learning styles to suit the way they best learn, precious time is freed up to assist those that might be struggling.

With the aid of ICT in schools, the passive educational mould is broken and the teacher becomes an active advisor in the classroom, helping young people become partially responsible for their learning and actively explore subjects.

Keep score with these apps

With Wimbledon currently dominating televisions and the Olympics just round the corner, it is important for the busy, but sport savvy, to keep up to date with each and every score. That’s where these convenient sporting apps come in.

Never wonder about a score again, the ESPN UK app covers scoring updates, breaking sporting news and has a professional analysis section. The app also allows you to easily customise a list of your favourite teams, allowing the app to personalise the news you receive.

Stats Zone excels in delivering up to the second game updates and news. Live statistics get sent to you as they happen with information available such as player comparison, live tables and team news. Working a bit like popular video site Vine, Fanatix allows fans to upload eight second clips of game highlights. Meaning people with this app can view the best bits before the highlights are even out!

If you have a question for JSPC, email it to questions@jspc.co.uk If you require further advice, technical support, or a computer repair please call JSPC Computer Services on 01903 767122 or visit the shop at 2 Seadown Parade, Bowness Avenue, Sompting.

Things you never knew you could do with a Mac computer

Many people prefer to work with a Mac computer, they are less likely to get a virus, they come with a myriad of excellent software packages available for pretty much any task and many people find their image led set up easier to work with. But there are a few time saving tips as an owner of a Mac computer you may not be aware of.

You can make calls via your computer. If your iPhone and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then you can make calls straight from your computer instead of digging out your phone. Should you wish to call a number on a website, simply highlight the number with your cursor, right click, select the number you wish to call and click Call Using iPhone. This will channel the call through your Mac speakers and microphone.

You can also send directions using your Mac computer. Say you are running late to meet someone at an unfamiliar restaurant, most of us would scribble down the postcode and then open the Map app on our phone and manually input it. However to save time, once you have located your destination in Maps on your MacBook, simply click Share and choose which device you wish it to be sent to. Shortly afterwards you will receive a message with the directions, just slide and the app will open all ready to go.

If you have a question for JSPC, email it to questions@jspc.co.uk If you require further advice, technical support, or a computer repair please call JSPC Computer Services on 01903 767122 or visit the shop at 2 Seadown Parade, Bowness Avenue, Sompting.

Office 365 Education

What is Office 365 Education?

Office 365 Education is a special version targeted specifically at educational institutions, including schools. It integrates Exchange-based email, scheduling and contacts managements, SharePoint for intranet- based collaboration, and voice and video conferencing. It also provides access to Microsoft’s Office Web Apps; streamlined online versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote that can be used to view, create and edit documents. Using SharePoint, you can use Office 365 to create a full learning environment where you can share information, manage projects and publish policies, schemes of work and announcements.

What can I get for free?

All of the above, with 99.9% availability. 50GB of email storage space per user, configurable anti-spam and anti-malware protection, plus free Active Directory synchronisation for those schools with an existing Windows Server network.

Is Office 365 Education safe, private and secure?

Microsoft has signed up to the Safe Harbour agreement. You can easily find out where the datacentres your school uses are located, and get detailed information on who can access your data and when. All the data is held in 24-hour monitored data centres, and it’s encrypted both at rest on Microsoft’s servers and in-transit over the internet. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fully managed and installed by JSPC
  • Shared cloud-based email, calendar and contacts
  • SharePoint intranet sites for teams with up to 300 subsites
  • Instant messaging, voice and video chat with Lync Online
  • Online HD video-conferencing and screen-sharing
  • Web-based viewing and editing of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote files using Office Webpage
  • 24/7 phone support
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Spam filtering
  • 1TB online storage via OneDrive
  • 50GB of email storage per user
  • Full single sign on using own server


1 Form Entry @ £280.00 + VAT

2 Form Entry @ £560.00 + VAT

3 Form Entry @ £840.00 + VAT

TME – Tips for poor mobile signal

Mobile phones are designed to make life simple and keep you in contact wherever you are, but more often than not, especially in West Sussex we find ourselves in a mobile black spot, which can be even more frustrating if the black spot happens to be in your own home. There are however a few things you can do to improve this service, we have locked down some of the top tips to ensure you get the best coverage possible.

Check what your actual signal is. Different phones measure signal using different gauges, some will have 2 bars, some 3, some 4. To check exactly what signal your iPhone has, dial *3001#12345#* and press the call button. This will take you to a field test screen, press the home button and then in the top left hand corner you will see your exact signal strength displayed in decibel-milliwatts. To make a call you need around 100dBm or above, anything less and there is a chance the call will fail. On an Android phone, simply go to Settings > About Phone > Status and then click Signal Strength.

Smart phones don’t always connect to the nearest mobile mast, so working out which one you are connected to can go a long way in improving your signal. To determine this you can download the free OpenSignal for both Android and iPhones, this will show you all the nearby masts.

If you are not connected to the nearest, then you may wish to rest your signal to give it the chance to reconnect to a closer mast. To do this turn your phone on Airplane Mode for three seconds.

If you have a question for JSPC, email it to questions@jspc.co.uk If you require further advice, technical support, or a computer repair please call JSPC Computer Services on 01903 767122 or visit the shop at 2 Seadown Parade, Bowness Avenue, Sompting.

Technology to start your holiday the peaceful way

The summer holidays are just round the corner and whether you are jetting off to the south of France or driving down to the west country, travelling with young kids can be a stressful way to start – and finish – your well deserved break. Thankfully technology is on your side, so we have whittled down the top apps for a peaceful journey.

Toca Mini 

Encourage your child to get creative with this colourful, interactive, open-ended app. Children get to create their own characters using tactile touch screen control and parents are able to set creative challenges for your child to complete. The perfect way to keep young minds amused on long journeys.

Disney Storytime

Featuring many of your favourite Disney characters and storylines, Storytime allows your child the freedom to read, listen or use their imagination to create their own narrative. Your child can even become part of the story by creating their own Disney avatar allowing them to jump head first into this wonderful world of magic and adventure. Stories are available for different levels of credit depending on how many books you wish to download.

First Focus: Ladybird Baby Touch

This app is perfect for really little ones. It uses animations containing simple and engaging shapes, patterns and images in high-contrast black, white and yellow. When used in moderation it stimulates senses and helps with your child’s eye tracking and focusing skills.

If you have a question for JSPC, email it to questions@jspc.co.uk If you require further advice, technical support, or a computer repair please call JSPC Computer Services on 01903 767122 or visit the shop at 2 Seadown Parade, Bowness Avenue, Sompting.