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Combat bad signal

Whether at home, a friend’s house or at work, bad mobile network coverage is a nightmare for many of us. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help improve this.

Those of you in a position to change your network should go to www.ukmobilecoverage.co.uk to look into whether other providers offer better coverage in your area.

If you find one that does call them up directly to ensure they definitely do cover this area and discuss changing over. Calling them to verify the coverage puts you in a better position to get your money back if it turns out signal is no better than your previous provider.

If you can’t change your network, or other networks are just as bad, you may want to consider changing your handset. Blackberrys are among the best for reception while iPhones generally have a much weaker signal. Although there are many mobile phone signal boosters advertised online, most of them are actually illegal. The main carriers do however offer their own boosters for around £100.

If your reception has suddenly got worse rather than having always been bad, you may be able to get the booster for a lower cost or even for free. If you have a question for JSPC, email it to questions@jspc.co.uk

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