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Crowdfunding for technology upgrade at Camelsdale School

We always work closely with schools on getting as much as possible for their budget. Our work with Camelsdale School is a great example of a school making the most of the available funds and finding creative solutions to balance the books.

The school was looking to replace several old whiteboards that were long overdue an upgrade with the latest Clevertouch Plus interactive screens. Their first port of call was to apply for an Aviva Community Award but although they secured an impressive 20,000 votes, they missed out on the prize. They were, however, awarded £500 and that gave them enough motivation to keep going and launch a crowdfunding project. The crowdfunding, which started in February when Valentine’s Day brought out the generosity in the school’s parents and supporters, was also supported by the tireless efforts of the PTA.

The campaign gained momentum; the school raised enough for six of the seven screens, in part thanks to a single large donation from an anonymous donor inspired by the school’s efforts. The Community Partnership then secured the funds for the last screen from a local community grant.

It was inspiring to work with the school, not only for their great enthusiasm but also, they had a clear knowledge and understanding of how technology benefits the classroom.

Having worked so hard to raise the money for the new resources, we did all we could to make the transition as smooth as possible, removing the now obsolete white boards, transferring resources and installing the new Clevertouch Plus screens.

It was a great project to be a part of, we’re proud to have helped Camelsdale School. If there are any teachers out there who have been inspired and are thinking of crowdfunding, we’re always happy to help with the best value technology for schools.