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Ipad security tips

The iPad is ideal for doing internet-based tasks on the go. But when you shop online you need to be careful to improve your iPad’s security, and make sure your money is protected.

Guarding against fraud is essential, and can easily be achieved by firstly putting a password on the device, and on any apps that store your details. If possible, do not save your credit or debit card information on websites as thieves could gain access to these.

System and app updates can be irritating at times, but are absolutely vital as they often fix security bugs, make sure your details are safe and protect you against malicious viruses. Equally important is resisting experimenting with the system – this can mess up key security on the device and lead to an easily hackable iPad.

Don’t click on pop-ups or links in spam emails as these can take you to insecure sites. The ‘https’ at the beginning of a URL makes it easy to check that you’re on a secure website.

Finally, public Wi-Fi hotspots are not always entirely secure, meaning your details could be at risk. Instead, opt for 3G or 4G if you’re out and about, or stick to protected Wi-Fi networks.