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Getting your Mac back in shape

Is your once nippy Mac now dismally slow? If so, it is probably time to give your hardworking computer a bit of a technology spa session. We have put together some top remedies for when your Mac is feeling overworked and sluggish.

Firstly, remove any unnecessary files. It is easy to forget about deleting old files, but those forgotten documents will be slowing down your computer a huge amount as a full hard drive takes far longer to respond.

Your actions are stored in system log and cache files which are added to on a daily basis, so over time many of the stored files have become redundant. Deleting any which are no longer necessary will clear some space – just be sure you know what you are removing before you click Trash. Just use Spotlight Search (cmd + space bar) and type in ~/Library/Caches to bring up the cache file, you can then choose what you would like to delete.

When you run out of RAM your computer starts to use its virtual memory, this relies on the hard drive to store information which means your Mac will run much slower. To avoid this, look at the apps you are currently running, close the ones you don’t use and re-launch the rest. Then quit and reload your web browser as some websites consume memory even when closed.

If this all sounds too much like hard work, CleanMyMac 3 is an excellent tool. For a cost, it proactively lets you know when your computer is starting to slow, cleans your system including cache and temp files, uninstalls and resets apps and speeds up your Mac with a set of optimising tools. Keeping your mac efficient without the need for you to lift a finger.

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