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New partnership with Smoothwall for digital security in schools and academies

We’re always looking for the latest and very best products for our client schools to make sure they’re safe, secure and that the IT infrastructure is running smoothly. With that in mind, we’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Smoothwall. These innovative and dependable solutions for digital security have been engineered from the ground up with the safety of students and the demands of busy teachers and educational administrators in mind.

We’re in the process of moving all our client schools over to Smoothwall because they offer great value; a complete safeguarding solution which is reliable and doesn’t impact performance. From an effective firewall that doesn’t slow performance to stringent data protection tools, Smoothwall has it covered. You can select which tools are for you or deploy the complete solution for 360 digital security in your school or academy.

This cost-effective, high performance digital safety solution includes:

  • Smoothwall Filter: A safer, digital learning environment with real-time, content-aware filtering.
  • Smoothwall Firewall: All the features of Smoothwall Filter with an advanced firewall for total protection.
  • Smoothwall Monitor: Helping schools detect online risks before they become real-life incidents.
  • Smoothwall Classroom Manager: Enabling student focus for teachers and time-efficiency for schools.
  • Smoothwall Record Manager: Time saving record management to help schools better identify children at risk.

Your engineer will be in touch to help you manage the transition at a time that doesn’t impact the school. You can find out more by downloading the brochure or visiting the Smoothwall website or drop us a line and the JSPC team will be happy to answer your questions.