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Schools and academies can benefit from the value of refurbished technology

As budgets are being squeezed across the education sector, we’re receiving more and more demand for refurbished technology. From laptops and tablets to storage and infrastructure, if you’re looking for a way to make your IT budget stretch as far as possible, refurbished kit might be the best approach and there are a number of advantages.

The primary advantage that attracts many of our customers is the cost; refurbished kit is from 15% – 30% cheaper than brand new equipment and this can make a huge difference if the budget has been slashed or remained static despite an increased intake of students. That lower cost also means you get more for your money – avoiding the newest model may mean you can choose an earlier option which has greater storage and faster RAM. Using refurbished kit also offers advantages beyond the obvious cost and value benefits.

Using refurbished technology means you can hedge against obsolescence and ease into any transitions without disruption. In addition, it means you can maintain compatibility across an institution, rather than the technical issues (and possible dissatisfaction) of some parts of the school having newer equipment than others. This might also mean different people are on different versions of software, which not only costs more but also can cause difficulties with workflow.

This approach can also help your IT team as it means that everyone is on the same integrated, compatible system. Rather than needing a whole new procedure for each new release and addition to the IT resources, refurbished equipment from previous generations can allow you to have the same kit across the school, making procedures and support much simpler.

Refurbished technology is also great from an environmental point of view and if you have goals relating to sustainability then this is one way to achieve them. Often, there is nothing wrong with the equipment prior to refurbishment, it could be an old store display model, or have one faulty part which is quickly replaced. However, if this technology isn’t refurbished and resold, it will end up in landfill. This means you’re not only helping your IT budget go further, you’re also making sure the school does its bit to reduce e-waste and save the planet.

Making the most of your IT budget can also mean that you’re able to install a wider range of technologies and allow students to take advantage of this and test them to their limits. You may not be comfortable letting a class loose on brand new, sensitive tablets which cost a fortune and may shatter during the first lesson. However, if you’ve managed to get a significant cost reduction, and you’re able to opt for a model which is proven to be robust, for example, or particularly suited to your needs then it’s not just about how much of a cost reduction you can get on your IT resources, it’s about all the value that can be returned to the classroom.