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Staying safe online this Safer Internet Day

The Internet has introduced us all to a new world of entertainment, education, communication and much more besides. Sharing information has never been easier, which has its advantages and disadvantages, particularly for young people who can be encouraged to behave in a way they never would face to face.

It is vital that young people are given the tools to avoid these situations as much as possible and be aware of the correct way to respond should they encounter anything suspicious online.

With this in mind, this Safer Internet Day, we have collated some important tips to help you and your children stay safe online.

· Never give out personal information such as your address or phone number

· Never send pictures of yourself to anyone

· Don’t open emails or attachments from people you don’t know

· Don’t become online ‘friends’ with people you don’t know

· Never arrange to meet someone in person who you’ve met online

· If anything you see or read online worries you, tell someone about it

For more information on staying safe online visit www.saferinternet.org.uk or if you have a question for JSPC, email it to questions@jspc.co.uk.