Those of you with a Facebook account will know how often we see interesting content appearing in the News Feed. These have come from friends, businesses you have ‘liked’ and selected advertisers, who are always posting articles, videos, pictures and news that they think their friends and followers will be interested in.

When this content comes up we often want to share it with friends and family that use Facebook who may not have seen it, so this week we are explaining how you can do this.

First select ‘share’ at the bottom of the content. In the window that appears you can choose to share the content ‘on your own timeline’ so your friends should see it if they log in at the right time. Select ‘on a friend’s timeline’ to publicly share it with a selected friend, or choose ‘in a private message’ to share it privately. You can also choose to share it in a Facebook group you are a part of or on a page you manage.

Facebook will then let you enter the name of the friend, group, or page you want to share it with, and encourage you to ‘Say something about this’ which will go with your post. To notify multiple friends of the post you can ‘tag’ them in this box by typing @ before their name and selecting them from the list that appears.