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Different ways to display photos

These days the vast majority of us use digital cameras to record the special moments in our lives. One slightly annoying side effect of this is that most of our photos end up stuck on our computers and other devices, hardly to be looked at again. So this week we’ve got some ideas on how you can use online tools to create art with your prized pictures to display around your home.

First you can try www.photobox.com where you can order prints of your pictures on all sorts of products. Either select one picture to print, or use their handy tools to create a collage of your favourite snaps.

From high quality photographic paper to giant canvases, pretty posters to framed prints, they offer a printed product that will look fabulous on your wall. They also have a range of products that make perfect presents, and will print your pictures on everything from calendars to coasters to cushions to key rings, even on mugs and iPhone cases!

Another website to try is www.snapfish.co.uk. They offer many of the same products as photobox, as well as prints on acrylic and wooden panels for a really stylish finish.

How to connect your laptop to your TV

Connecting your laptop and TV is an easy way to get more from your devices. In doing so you can access your favourite TV programme, iTunes film or YouTube channel. You can also watch TV services like BBC iPlayer, Sky Go and Netflix.

If you don’t have a DVD player you could watch DVDs on your TV by playing them on your connected laptop; or you could view a photo slideshow and display it on your TV screen – perfect for showing off holiday snaps!

To connect your devices look at the ports available on both your laptop and TV. Laptops and TVs made in the last 5 years should have HDMI ports. You will need to purchase a HDMI cable and connect it to both devices to stream video and audio to your TV.

Older devices should come with either an S-Video port or VGA port. You will need to buy and attach the correct cable. These only carry the video signal so plug a speaker into your laptop headphone jack for the best sound.

Once your devices are connected you need to switch your TV to the correct input by pressing the button that controls your AV settings. Scroll through the options until you find your laptop.

Finally, if it isn’t displaying what it should be, go to your laptop display settings and select TV. With Macs you sometimes need to click and drag the window off the right of your screen and it will appear on the TV.