As we near Christmas, you may be thinking about what special present you can get for a loved one this year. We think we’ve found just that – a book you create yourself on your computer. You can fill it with whatever you like, such as photos, messages and memories.

You can make one with Apple’s iPhoto 11, which you can download from the Mac App Store if it isn’t already installed on your Apple Mac. Windows users can use Blurb, which has a handy cross-platform online book making tool.

With iPhoto, select the photos you would like to use and select Events> Create Event. Have this event selected as you click File > New Book, as this will put those photos in your book. Next follow the steps to select your books style, cover and size, and click ‘Create’ to get going. You can change the books theme, background colour and page layouts and enter in your own captions and text. It is also easy to drag and drop the photos to get them in the order you want. When you’re happy with it you can order the print, prices range from £2.49 for a small paperback to £34.99 for an extra large hardback.

Blurb, which you can use with Windows or Apple devises, comes with less publishing limits and a handy free creation tool called BookWright. Blurb also gives you the option to sell your book on Amazon or make it available to a global retail network.