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How to upload photos and videos to Facebook

Facebook can be a great place to upload your photos and videos so your friends and family can see them, so here’s how you do it.

At the top of your ‘News Feed’ and ‘Profile’ on the Facebook website there’s a box where you can ‘Update Status’ or ‘Add Photos/Video’, click on the latter and it will give you the option to ‘Upload Photos/Video’ or ‘Create Photo Album’.

Click on either of these and an upload window will appear where you can select your photos or video from the files on your computer.

If you are on the Facebook app click the ‘Photo’ tab at the top of your newsfeed, which will let you access your phone’s photos and videos to upload.

Select the photos or video you want to upload, and while they’re uploading you can ‘tag’ the people in them so they get a notification about the upload. You can also add a description of the album or individual photos, along with details of the location.

Next to the ‘Post’ button you can select who you would like to see the photos. Options include ‘public’, ‘friends of friends’, ‘only me’ and ‘custom’ where you can select specific people to share the photos or video with, or hide them from. Hit post and the photos or video will appear in the news feed of the audience you selected.